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Sitzecke mit Tisch und Stuhl


The foundation of our work is to prepare the basis for structures that encourage innovation. This means creating stimulating conditions that inspire initiative for all employees in order to achieve a lasting result for you as an entrepreneur.

Successful companies in the SPA industry focus not only on their guests but also on their employees. Employees, who develop ideas, find solutions and put them into practice. In order to achieve this profound change and make the results measurable, we support your managers and employees with intensive and practice-oriented coaching sessions. All methods are transferable one-to-one to your everyday work in the company.


Coaching focus as modules 1-3 based on the respective level of knowledge

Executive coaching as "Training by Design"
From colleague to SPA manager
More acceptance in your new role - immediately!
Success in 3 days
3 days intensive seminar on site
Coaching Schwerpunkt
Coaching NF Fischer Spa-Consulting
Coaching focal points as module 1-3
based on the respective level of expertise
  • Anyone can sell: "Why we only use 20% of our possibilities and how you can achieve 100%."

  • Safe handling of complaints as an instrument for guest loyalty

  • “How sympathy is created” and why this is the most valuable “good” for us as a service provider

  • Active telephone sales and competent communication in difficult situations

  • Development of a "warm welcome culture" as a guideline for daily actions based on your corporate values


The coaching sessions are preferably held in the familiar working environment of the participants - in order to address and resolve the individual challenges on site as effectively as possible.

Luxus Spa NF Fischer Spa-Consulting
Executive coaching as
"training by design"

In a young industry where qualified managers "don't grow on trees", the promotion of talent in your team is – also economically – imperative.

But who recognizes talents and their needs and visions?

Benefit from our workshops such as "Feedback is the breakfast of champions" and guide your young talents gently and professionally on the new path. They will thank you in the form of special loyalty and commitment. 

Kollege Spa
Workshop NF Fischer Spa-Consulting
From colleague to SPA manager
More acceptance in your new role - immediately!

Mastering conflicts and difficult situations with composure.

"Staying with yourself" and skilfully using the advantage of having evolved from the team.

The executive coaching sessions for SPA managers, SPA coordinators and department supervisors can also be held on request on the premises of "Elblick 86" in Hamburg. The exclusive, central location and communicative atmosphere provide the perfect environment for important content.

3 Tage Erfolg
Bäume und Meer
Success in 3 days
3 days intensive seminar on site

Comprehensive analysis for the client incl. recommendations for course of action.

Action plans for the manager based on the developed content
3 hours of telephone consulting in the follow-up up to 6 months after the training.

International with multilingual coaching

All consulting and coaching services are also available in English and Russian.

Longstanding competence

100% verifiable successes and operational competence make our service your noticeable added value.

Partnership to one another

We love the dialogue with our clients and partners. A respectful interaction at eye level results in the maximum success in each of our projects.
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